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Dan Duncan
International Country Gospel Music Association
P.O. Box 1570
West Plains, Missouri 65775

Dan Duncan - info@icgma.com
(417) 372-1129


Over 60 years ago, Dr. W. Lindsey Thompson and Billy Holcomb founded the I C G M A (International Country Gospel Music Association). They had a strong vision to unite those who loved and ministered in the Country Gospel Music field. They felt by uniting and working together with artists from all over the world, they could form a bond and build a music industry that could truly spread God's message of salvation through the Country music that so many love. They knew that good Christian music can sometimes reach a soul when nothing else can. They had a vision to have a music ministry association with great integrity, high moral standards, and that would be open to everyone, not just an elite few. All these things have been accomplished along with many more over the last 60 years.

Country Gospel and Christian Country music are now at the top of the many Christian music formats. Climbing so fast that many of the major record labels are releasing great and exciting cuts with brand new talent. Why not? It has always been one of the world's favorite music genres.

For over 60 years the I C G M A and its members have presented its prestigious Gold Cross awards to some of the most outstanding artists and servants to Christ in the Country Gospel field. Artists such as: Walt Mills, Judy DeRamus, Willie Nelson, Del Way, Chuck Day, Fox Brothers, Dottie Rambo, Dr. Joe Price, Billy Walker, Barbara Fairchild, Jimmy Jones, Kenny Hinson, LaVerne Tripp, Jimmy Fautheree, Roland Wright, Stewart Hamlin, Jody Miller, Shelia Lewis, Tommy Smith, Betty Jean Robinson, Claude Gray, Joe Paul Nichols, Otha Geeslin, W C Taylor, Barry Wayne, Johnny Mathis, Light Crust Doughboys, Dolly Parton, Gina White, Clifton Jansky, Gene Reasoner, James Marvell, Lawton Williams, Wanda Jackson, Gary R. Smith, Margo Smith, Mary Faye Jackson, Gayla Earlene, Gene Crain, Mike Manuel, David Patillo, Susie Luchsinger, Cal Denison, Bruce Haynes, Cross Country, Morgan & Morgan, The Singing Nichols, Family, One A Chord, Steve "Rabbit" Easter, The Babcocks, Red Foley, Ken Holloway, Pete Whitebird, Steve White, The Texas Girls, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Glorya Wilson, Billy Jack Davis, Mike Culpepper, Melanie Walker, The Chuck Wagon Gang, and many, many more. Too many to list.

The ICGMA is proud of what it has accomplished in over 60 years. We would also like to say that we do not feel as though we were totally responsible for the great leaps and bounds that Country Gospel Music has made in the last decade. We know that many of our great and treasured friends in other organizations such as GMA, CGMA, TIMA, CGMG, CGMC, and CCMA have played a major role in the development of this genre of music. We are all there to encourage and support each other in our ministries. We all have but one purpose, to spread the word of our Saviour to a lost world through music.