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The Songsters Quartet
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Official Site - www.songstersquartet.com
1191 Martin Road - Mogadore, OH 44260

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When people talk about the smooth and dynamic sound of The Songsters Quartet, there are three other attributes used in describing the group: Spiritual, Genuine and Sincere. The Songsters Quartet is dedicated to serving the Lord, seeing souls saved and hearts uplifted. Saints are always inspired when they hear the Songsters Quartet present Christ in song. If you are looking for a service where the Lord leads, souls are saved and fires are rekindled, you'll be glad to know these goals are what The Songsters strive for in each and every service. The Songsters hold dear their faith in Jesus Christ and serve the Lord out of a burning desire overflowing with His love.

Formed in 1960 at the Akron Baptist Temple many fine Christians have worked in this ministry reaching out with gospel music to encourage the saints.

As time went by the Songsters Quartet center changed more to ministry using Southern Gospel as the tools to reach the lost with the Salvation message of Jesus Christ God's Son. Many members changed in the era of the 60's and early 70's, and then in 1973 Jerry Waldrop Sr. son (Jerry II) joined the group which formed a solid nucleus for the future.

In 1975 the Songsters Quartet was named Ohio Gospel Group of the year and came in top rankings at the National Quartet Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Then in 1976 the group was asked to perform on the White house (eclipse) lawn for President Jimmy Carter. In 1981, Sharon Waldrop joined the group, giving the core trio sound and family harmony.

In January 1996, Jerry Waldrop Sr. was promoted to Heaven claiming, as Squire Parsons' song said, Look For Me At Jesus' Feet. So we slightly changed the song title for his epitaph, which now reads Looking for you at Jesus' Feet. This was and is his desire. Miss you here Dad, see you at Jesus' feet.

The Songsters Quartet has been honored with many awards through the years, but nothing compares to the fact that we sing to praise God Jehovah, spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, God's Son, and uplift the saints through the blessings given to them by the blessed Holy Spirit. We also strive to encourage the Pastor and his wife in their ministry.

The Songsters Quartet works hard at running the race until the Lord calls us home. Through the years we have had the privilege of serving the Lord in many different venues: church services; Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon sings; revivals; concerts; youth rallies; church anniversaries; Christian concerts; television specials; radio programs; family reunions; shopping malls; courthouse lawns; our Nation’s Capitol; quartet conventions; benefit concerts and fundraisers.

History of Our Name

In England when the Salvation Army preachers would stand on the street corners and proclaim the salvation message of Jesus Christ and exhort people to repentance, there was always a band of singers singing hymns. Some of these singers were in training to become preachers themselves and some knew the preachers needed not only the support of people with a common goal, but prayer warriors on the battle field surrounding the preacher with prayers for protection, boldness and the leading of the Holy Spirit in each sermon. We desire to be that augmentation to the preachers of today, to come along side in praising God, work to bring the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and uplift the saints in a world that tries to beat them down. Encourage them to not only run the race but also finish the course unto His coming.


The main driving point that has kept the Songsters going through the years is in knowing we are called and serving the one true and living God. Our desire is to see souls come to know Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God as their new personal Savior, to have a part in leading them to the Lord. When we are called home we want to hear Christ say, “Well done my good and faithful servant."

Articles We Follow

  • To augment the workers in the church - In music, augmentation is raising the note in a chord, so we strive to augment the workers in the church.
  • To commit to preparation, accountability, servitude, graciousness, sensitivity, flexibility, delivery and a heart for the lost - Each member knows Jesus Christ as Savior and has a personal walk with Him.
  • To praise and serve our Risen Savior, as Jesus Christ is our reasonable service. (Galatians 2:20)
  • To spread the Good News of redemption through Jesus Christ, God’s Son. (Acts 2:38)
  • To uplift the body of believers and the Pastor and his wife as we sing praises unto God. (Philemon 1:7)
  • To be accountable to the Lord, to each other in our daily lives and to the body of Believers to which we minister.
  • To always put the emphasis on God’s Grace and Salvation and never ourselves, as we are only servants of the Most High God. (Philemon 2:3; Matthew 7:20; I John 4:1 and Hebrews 4:12)


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