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His Call


Dear friends,

It is with mixed emotions that we, His Call, are announcing our decision to come off the road. Over the last year we have been feeling that the season for this ministry was drawing to a close, and the time to do that has presented itself during this shutdown.

We have travelled and sang in our current configuration for more than 20 years, and we wouldn't trade one friendship or relationship we have built over all the years. God isn't finished with us, because we're still here, but we believe He is getting us ready for what's next.

Many times we hear of ministries that have shut down because of troubles, internal or external. We are happy to say we have NONE of that; we are as tight a family as ever and that will not change. The world IS changing however, and we are eager to find out what our role will be in the revival that we believe is coming to America and the world.

While we are a bit sad about the close of this chapter, we are excited to see where God takes us next! God bless each one of you, and we will no doubt be seeing you around, as we will still be involved in gospel music, and we will have to visit our ministry friends all over the four states region. We pray God's blessings on each of you; please keep us in your prayers as God leads us on.

In HIS service,
His Call Ministries


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