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No Other Way Quartet
BOOKING - Phone / David Cox (817) 729-7282 or Richard Townzen (817) 223-5563 - BOOKING - E-mail / richardtownzen@ymail.com
Official Site - www.nootherwayquartet.com
PO Box 744 - Weatherford, TX 76086


During the summer of 2010, Richard Townzen and Mike Clark joined efforts to start a Southern Gospel Quartet. Upon inviting the original lead singer and David Cox as original tenor, this group established the No Other Way Quartet, with the goal of not only entertaining, but more importantly, of sharing the gospel through their music.

They sought to pursue a good, quality sound that audiences would enjoy, one that was enhanced by a personable and professional stage presence that gave testimony of God’s abiding grace in each of their lives. Such a goal would require each quartet member to have an undeniable call to the ministry, and to be firmly committed to serving the Lord with their talents for the purpose of proclaiming the love of God through their music.

The group's members include David Cox, the Tenor for the group, who also shares responsibility for the bookings and helps maintain the quartet's website. Kris Emmert joined the quartet as Lead singer in March of 2012. When he starts to sing, the excitement that stems from his voice lets you know that he loves the Lord. Richard Townzen sings Baritone for the quartet and is the main emcee and spokesperson for the group. He also manages the quartet and shares responsibility for bookings and scheduling. Robert Townzen, Richard's son, sings Bass for the group and is instantly recognizable as the youngest member of the group. He's been around quartets all of his life and instinctively knows the sounds and harmonies that are associated with only the best of Southern Gospel music.

Since its inception, No Other Way Quartet has been blessed to witness the salvation of many, as God has moved upon their concerts, calling hungry, hurting hearts to respond to their inspiring music… as they make harmony for the King.


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