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Lisa Thompson & Living Waters
BOOKING - Phone / (936) 854-2054 or (936) 615-0396 - BOOKING - E-mail / lisalynnthomp1967@gmail.com
PO Box 287 - Etoile, TX 75944


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Until You've Known The Love Of God


Lisa Thompson & Living Waters is a southern gospel family ministry committed to singing the Word in song anywhere God opens the doors. Its members, Mary Whitmire, Evie Lou Shew and Lisa Thompson, have a desire and passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ whereever they're invited to go. Their ministry is dedicated to His Word and His ministry. If you were to ask any of the three group members what their platform is, they would say, "It's all about Jesus, born, crucified, and risen from the dead. Jesus is the only way by whom man can be saved. We have a desire to see souls saved and lives changed by the Word of God."

Like the salvation story found in John 4:14, Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well, "Drink of these waters that I shall give you and you will never thirst again." Jesus showed such compassion, forgiveness and grace. As children of the King, Lisa Thompson & Living Waters has received His saving grace and drank from these living waters and now, "We are drinking from our saucer, 'cause our cup has overflowed!"

All of the members of the group were born in the pine hills of deep East Texas and raised by Godly parents who led by example and gave them a solid Christian foundation early in life. The family ties this group shares are special, but greater is the bond they have as sisters in Christ. In addition to the two sisters, Mary Whitmire and Evie Lou Shew, and Mary's daughter, Lisa, Dan Shew, who is Evie's husband, travels as the sound engineer for the group. Mary and her husband live in Livingston, Texas. Evie Lou and her husband live on the family farm in Moscow, Texas, where she and Mary grew up. Lisa and her husband reside in Etoile, Texas.

Lisa Thompson & Living Waters gives their complete ministry to God and trust He will supply their needs, so they do not charge any fees to minister. If you wish to help them in their ministry, they will accept travel expenses and love offerings...and all of the proceeds are returned to the ministry, so you can give confident in the knowledge that 100% of all money donated to this ministry will be used for this ministry!

If you would be interested in bringing Living Waters into your Christian community event, women's conference or church service, Living Waters would love to join you in a time of ministry. Please call them today using the information at the top right-hand corner of the page.


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