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Gospel Four of Arlington
BOOKING - Phone / (214) 906-6167 - BOOKING - E-mail / gfoa2005@gmail.com
Official Site - facebook.com/gfoarlington
4315 Oldfield Drive - Arlington, TX 76016



The Gospel Four of Arlington quartet is, first and foremost, highly dedicated and committed to presenting and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through the opportunities that God provides. Initially, in 2005, God called four guys from Lake Arlington Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas to this mission and GFoA was the collective result. Larry Carter was the original baritone, Ken Chamblin sang the lead, James Vestal is still the high tenor, and Glenn Morrow continues to hold down the low bass vocals.

Ken retired from singing lead with GFoA in 2013, but still continues spreading the Gospel through many speaking engagements. In the fall of 2015 Larry also retired and subsequently moved to Abilene, Texas.

Bryan Beale came on board to fill the lead vocalist vacancy as Ken was transitioning into his retirement ministry. When Larry announced his retirement, the frantic search was on to identify his replacement as soon as possible. God had it all under control; we just had not yet realized it.

As we began to brainstorm about who might be a good fit, Bryan remembered a high school friend by the name of Lynn Dodson. Lynn was the founding member and lead vocalist for the gospel quartet called Shiloh. This quartet quickly rose through southern gospel music circles, gaining national recognition. For ten plus years Shiloh travelled around the country and abroad, sharing their God-given talents and testimonies.

Bryan knew that Lynn had retired from full-time ministry with Shiloh and contacted him to step in temporarily to fulfill many already scheduled bookings. That was more than three years ago, and we still cannot seem to locate a suitable replacement for Lynn, who brings with him an enormous level of experience and expertise to GFoA. But even more than that, Lynn has a heartwarming and dynamic ability to communicate the gospel message plainly, with no apologies.

Lynn sings lead vocals with GFoA and his passion for the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is the glue that binds the GFoA ministry together. Bryan has transitioned to the baritone part, with James singing the "ladies" high part and Glenn is still down there in the basement. Glenn, James and Bryan are active members of Lake Arlington Baptist Church, where James also serves as a deacon. Lynn remains actively involved with his congregation at Pleasantview Baptist Church in Arlington. We are so grateful to be able to minister to folks in our travels; but more than that, we are blessed beyond measure to be covered by God's loving grace and the cleansing blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! To sing of Him, for Him, and to Him is such a privilege and honor. To God be the glory for the great things He has done!

If you would like to book this dynamic ministry to your next church service or concert event, call the number at the top of this screen!


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