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Gospel Four of Arlington
BOOKING - Phone / (214) 906-6167 - BOOKING - E-mail / gfoa2005@gmail.com
Official Site - facebook.com/gfoarlington
4315 Oldfield Drive - Arlington, TX 76016



The Gospel Four of Arlington are so very grateful to be covered by the cleansing blood of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! To sing of Him, for Him, and to Him is not only an obligation, but a great privilege and honor!

The quartet started in 2005 with Larry Carter singing baritone, Ken Chamblin singing lead, James Vestal as tenor and Glenn Morrow as bass. All of its members were active in Lake Arlington Baptist Church, which is still the home of James, Glenn and Bryan. Brother Ken retired at the end of 2012, but not before "discovering" the very talented Bryan Beale, who replaced him as lead singer in January 2013. God's hand was apparent as Bryan brought a great energy and musical expertise to the group and they continued to sing the Gospel with a new sense of purpose.

Lynn Dodson, founder and former lead singer of Shiloh quartet, came at the behest of Bryan in 2015 to fill in when Larry Carter retired and moved to Abilene. Lynn is very active at Pleasantview Baptist Church and has a great heart for the gospel music ministry. Lynn is now the group's lead singer and Bryan now makes the baritone part something very special.

If you're looking for an all-male quartet ministry with purpose and a mission for ministry, book this quartet today!


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