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Brad Ledbetter
BOOKING - Phone / (734) 985-1173 - BOOKING - E-mail / bradledbettermusic@gmail.com
9924 Julie Drive - Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Brad has had the honor of serving his Lord through song for 8 years. His talent and personal testimony shows the power of God's grace and mercy, and he wants to share that message with everyone he meets!

Brad started singing in church at the age of five, even though he wasn't saved till June 12th, 2006. According to Brad, "I had gotten off track and my Grandpa (also my hero) came to visit me at my home. He sat me down and poured his heart out to me. I saw in his eyes, the love and mercy of God. Right then, I knew that I needed Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. My Grandpa led me to the Lord that day." Brad wrote the song In that Better Land and dedicated it to his Grandpa. Brad's grandmother, who was also a member of The Ledbetter Family with Brad, was a big influence in his singing and guitar playing.

He served in the Army for four years and was severely injured. While he was in the army, his life verse was (and is) Psalm 3. It serves him as a reminder of God's protection over him.

Although God closed doors for the military, He opened up doors for Brad's singing ministry. Brad most recently sang tenor for two years for the 4One Quartet, a group nominated in 2015 for Top Ten Upcoming Traditional Male Quartet of the Year. Brad has sang a total of eight years with groups like The Ledbetter Family and 4One Quartet, and he is currently working on a new solo CD in which he plans to include eight songs he has written.

With everything that has happened to Brad, from being injured in the military to making poor choices before he was saved, he realizes God was always there for him. God protected him, lifted him up in his time of need, and healed Brad emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Brad's favorite song is God's been Good, and his ministry and message in song reflects this message to everyone that will listen. As Brad puts it, "God is good and He will supply for your every need." Invite Brad Ledbetter to come minister through music and testimony and see your congregation encouraged through the uplifting message in music he brings!


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