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The Songsters Quartet
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Jerry King
Please pray for Jerry King as he is going through a trial that we know God will bring him through.

 -- Jerry Waldrop - Mon. Aug 4, 2014
Bob Christy joins the Songsters
It is with great pleasure that we bring this information to you, Bob Christy comes to the Songsters with over forty years experience singing Southern Gospel music. Bob was mentored in ministry by Pastor F.E. Fields before God promoted brother Fields to Glory. Bob and his wife Kim of 34 years have six natural children of their own. Bob was blessed with a natural big bass voice that fills a room with foundation. He can play several instruments and is a student of scripture.

 -- Jerry Waldrop - Mon. Aug 4, 2014
Romanian Missions
The Lord is so awesome, we thank God that He has allowed the Songsters three separate opportunities to work in Romania, not only with the Romanians, but also the Gypsy or Roma as they prefer to be called. The Lord has allowed us to work with the missionaries and the National pastor's in winning hundreds to the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Songsters are currently active in supporting two Mission school in Sinesti and Jilava, Romania to educate the Gypsy youth. It is the Missionaries and the Educated Roma that work hard to reach into the villages to educate, feed and cloth the young ones that are 12 yrs and under. They have won our hearts and we find such joy in the pictures and updates Nelu Mehia sends us on the schools there. Through reaching the children for Christ many of the parents are accepting Christ as savior. PRAISE GOD! Please pray for the missions work in Romania. If you would like more information and see how you can support a child in one of these school with food, clothing and a Christian education for only $15.00 per month, please pray hard and then contact the Songsters. NO administrative fees are taken out, all funds go to helping these Children in knowing the Love of Christ.

 -- Jerry Waldrop - Mon. Aug 4, 2014