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Gena Roberts Hamilton
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Gena Hits #1 charting
On Dec 29,2018 we were contacted that the Cashbox Charts would name Gena Hamilton single "Just Because I ask You" written by her brother David Patillo at #1 for month of Jan 2019 and at #7 for month of Feb in Christina Voice Magazine.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Fri. Jan 11, 2019
We are very excited to announce the upcoming Gena & Friends CD featuring some of the best known artist of our day, special guest artist will be singing duets with Gena on 3 different Genres of music, Country Gospel, Family friendly country and Country Gospel Christmas. Guest artist include: Countrys Family Reunion stars, Barbara Fairchild & Leona Williams, Grammy award winner Jo-El Sonnier, ICGMA hall of famers and multi award winners: David Patillo, Chuck Hancock, Terry Davis,Mary Fay Jackson,Chuck Day, James Payne, Ava Kasich, and others...Several Branson Mo Entertainers : Patty Mabe, Georgina and Larry Holiday, Roy Morris. Other guest artist : Ron Williams,Jack Patillo, Henry Matthews,Robbie Primm, Chip Bricker, The Trophies Band and COuntry Plus.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Wed. Jul 11, 2018

 -- Gena Hamilton - Wed. Jul 11, 2018
THE TROPHIES BAND which is the band behind Gena Hamiltons live sound has once again been nominated in several categories for the 2018 awards. Thanks to all who voted.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Wed. Jul 11, 2018
TO ORDER GENAS CD COLLECTION GO TO WWW.i2irecords.com or www.honkeytonkinmusic.com ....GENA HAS 4 CDS AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $15.00 EACH....TRIBUTE TO CONNIE SMITH....SHUFFLE....TROPHIES OF HIS GRACE (featuring several of her number #1 hits Higher Ground and God is a Good God)....JUST BECAUSE I ASK YOU...also available direct for DJs is current Compilation disc featuring other artist and Gena, that compilation disc is available at canyoncreekrecords.com

 -- Gena Hamilton - Wed. Jul 11, 2018
ICGMA 2017-2018 Award
Gena recieved the female vocalist of the year award from the ICGMA in July of 2017, in a few weeks she passes her title over to the next artist. We are honored to be selected by the fans. Thank You so very much, Gena was also awarded the Presidents award from the Texoma Gospel in 2017. Joe was awarded the Promoter of the year award. again thanks so much.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Mon. Jul 2, 2018
Gena Topping charts 2018 !
Genas single remain topping the charts in Country Gospel Music,. Currently Jan 2018 she is #7 in Christina Voice Charting, #5 in Power Source Nashville, #1 at Camp Meeting Nashville with Good God, Gods Country #28...#5 in Christina Country and #5 in Country Gospel... we are honored and blessed to share with other artist and congradulate all aas well as thanks to the wonderful DJs who continue to play the songs as well as the great fans that request the music.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Feb 1, 2018
Gena and Joe at Bubba J Music Artist welcome our newest addtion artist Scott Hampton. Scott is the 2016 winner of the famous John Ritter SHowcase Talent Show. Scott has a rich smooth voice and has previously been a member of a Nashville Based Southern Gospel Quartet. We are currently starting a new recording project on Scott at SMART productions . you will be amazed at his voice.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Tue. Oct 17, 2017
this websote is in the construction faze...so here is what we have available . Gena has 4 CDs currently. she has two clean country family friendly cds. one is Texas Style Shuffle Back to Me...and she has a very special Connie Smith Tribute one of the finest Christian Ladies in Country Music... Gena has two Gospel CDs ...her first number one single #1 hit is from the cd Trophies Of His Grace which has about 12 selections, her second gospel is Becuase I ask You which was nominated 4 times in 2017 for Album of the year. we normally sell these cds for $15.00 each but as a special offer buy all 4 for $42.00 and recieve free shipping and a autgraphed 8x10 color glossy of Gena. we can be contacted on this site or email at hamilton9657@icloud.com we do take pay-pal . Gena also has a ladies one size fits all black leather vest for $39.99 and she has special Christian Gift items. Check her facebook pages for current items.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Tue. Oct 17, 2017
Music Country USA
On Dec 30th 2017 Gena will be special guest on the special anniversary show. the address and info is on her concert page. huge honor to be asked.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Tue. Oct 17, 2017
Gena Performs in Branson
The first week of Oct. 4th thru 9th was very busy for Gena and joe.Wend nite Gena was asked to sit in at The Stormy Point Resort, Thur morning Gena was special guest on the Kevin Shorey Gospel Show recorded live and can be seen on facebook. Thur night we spent with friends at the Tribute Theatre, Friday night Gena performed a 45 minute pre show at the Branson Famous Baldknobbers, then on Saturday afternoon she performed on s special pre show at the Starlight Theatre in the Boot Daddy Pavillion with other friends from 2pm til around 5pm.. night we spent time with friends, Sunday Morning Gena was with other friends Ava Kasich, Joy Roberts ,Mike Blount on Barbara Fairchild Sunday morning service at the Baldknobber Theatre and Sunday afternoon we were VIP Guest for the 36th anual Branson Terry Music Awards. Monday we drove home.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Tue. Oct 17, 2017
Gena was awarded the prestigious female Presidents Award at the 2017 TEXOMA Gospel Music Awards in Denison Texas last weekend of October. She eagerly awaits it to display with her others.She was on tour in Branson the first weekend of October. Genas husband Joe recieved the Male Top Producer award at Texoma Gospel as well.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Tue. Oct 17, 2017
Gena and Joe also manage various upcoming Artist giving them their dream of a lifetime. With Joes' over 40 years experience in the Music Industry both as a musician since he was 5 and Pro Tour & Road manager for the past 28 years with over 20 veteran celebrity artist , they know the shortcuts to get a new artist music to radio and charting. give them a try at www.bubbajmusicartist.com fees will apply, we don't work for free but we can get you where you want to be faster than anybody and cheaper.We guarantee national charting inside one year of song release !

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Gena Hamilton & The J Peyton Band
Gena also performs with The J Peyton Band also formed by her husband Joe. The Band consist of Twin Steel Guitars, Twin Lead Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Saxaphone, and Fiddle. The band provides quality thought out Traditional Country Sound and amazing 4 part harmonies.The Country Band also includes all family friendly music as well as selected Gospel tunes. Occasional Special Celebrity guest may drop by.The Band and Gena has a minimum fee discussed with the hiring Venue. A signed performance contract is required with a non refundable 50% cash deposit.The balance is due once the band and artist have completed a closed sound check scheduled 2 to 3 hrs before showtime. The artist is allowed to sell CDs and Merch free of charge at any venue to offset travel cost.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Gena Hamilton & The Trophies Band
Gena Hamilton Music offers Country Gospel Concerts in two different presentations.She can sing with professional recorded studio tracks or perform with her prestigious full 7 piece pro Band.Genas' band consist of veteran musicians who have worked the professional artist circuit for a combined over 350 years behind some of the biggest names in Country and Gospel Music History. Genas' staff will try to work with any budget just remember it is expensive to travel and especially bringing a band. Concert requirement is signed entertainment contract with venue for a non refundable 50% deposit , balance is due after sound check in cash.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Gena in the Magazines
Gena can be seen in full page to 1/4 page ads in selected Christina Music Magazines including: Christian Servant, Christian Voice,ICGMA program Guide,Branson Terry Music Awards Program Book 2017,Power Source Magazine,Nashville Booking Roster, and otherss. just google Gena Roberts Hamilton Music.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Gena & Friends Music Collection
Gena has started a huge 3 volume collection of her favorite 3 genres of music. Country Gospel, Country Christmas and Family Friendly Country.Celebrity Artist : Barbara Fairchild, Jo-El Sonnier- Leona Williams- Ron Williams-Patty Mabe-Mary Fay Jackson-Chuck Hancock-Chris Golden-and others join Gena as they team up with her in duets to sing these favorite tunes.Special submitted songs by the late Tommy Overstreet, Nat Stuckey,and special highlighted song "Teddy Bear" with Barbara Fairchild will highlight this special 3 volume set coming soon due to release in 2018. reserve your copy today at i2irecords.com special introductory price is $59.95 WHICH INCLUDES Autgraphed 8x10 gloosy and a limited edition gift.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Shuffle Back To Me
Genas CD Shuffle Back to me which gained popularity in Europe shortly after its release in 2009 jumped up into the top 6 frequently aired on radio plays, the cd was awarded CD of The Month several times and remains in 2017 in the top 10 most played Independant US Artist. The CD still remains a favorite of the famous Texas Two Step Music. It is available at i2irecords.com as well as honkytonkinmusic.com for $15.95

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Critics Choice Awards
Genas Connie Smith Tribute Cd was voted in the top 10 best sellers Critics Choice for Independant Artist in 2014,2015,2016 the CD was originally recorded in a home studio a a gift to her mother. The CD is back in print with merchandising and is available for retail sales at i2irecords.com honkytonkinmusic.com and on this website for $15.95 plus taxes and shipping.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Gena & Joe Anniversary
Gena and husband Joe celebrate their anniversary on Sept 21. Joe turned 60 on Sept 6th.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Texoma Gospel Music Awards
Gena has been nominated in all 3 of the Female Artist and Vocalist of the 40th annual Texoma Gospel Music Association Awards show to be help at the Trinity Lighthouse Church in Denison Texas Sat Sept 30 at 5pm open to the public. for more information look at Genas tour schedule on this website.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Sat. Sep 16, 2017
Gena & Friends Music Volumes
Gena is working on her current largest recording project, title GENA & Friends. It will feature Gena singing duets with some of the most iconic Stars of traditional Country and Country Gospel including Barbara Fairchild, Jo-El Sonnier,Doug Gabriel, Georgina Holiday, Patty Mabe,Chip Bricker,Leona Williams, Chuck Hancock, Ron Williams, John Cody Carter, Ava Kasich, Chris Golden, Dennis and Leslie McKay Project,Mary Fay Jackson,Joy Roberts,and others. This is surely to be one of the most sought out productions of her career. The project will be recorded several locations including SMART in Nash Tx , SMA in Nashville Tn and also Branson Mo. you can pre order Jan 1, 2018 at i2irecords.com price on the 3 vol set which will include traditional Country Gospel, Family Friendly Country and Texas Country Gospel Christmas will be offered pre sale at $49.95 which includes shipping.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
2017 Branson Terry Awards
Gena has been asked to perform on the 2017 Branson Terry Music Awards Pre Show at the Starlight Theatre in Branson Mo on Oct 8, 2017.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame Gospel
Gena was honored to be asked to host the 2017 Sunday Morning Gospel Concert with special guest Johnny Counterfiet, Scott Hampton, Tommie Ritter Smith, Bobby Tomberlin and others in Carthage Texas.we cant wait til next year. Huge honor.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame
Gena was asked and honored to judge for the John Ritter Talent Showcase in Carhtage Texas on Aug 11, 2017 sitting along side CMA artist Tracy Byrd. It was a great fun time.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
ICGMA 2017 Awards
Gena was presented with the 2017 prestigious Female Vocalist Of The Year Award in West Plains Mo.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
ICGMA 60th anniversary 2016
Gena is awarded the 2016 ICGMA Female Horizon Award in West Plains Mo. The Award was presented to her by long time friend singer songwriter Chuck Day.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
Texas Sounds International CMA
Gena Hamilton is awarded the Txs Sounds International Country Music Awards prestigious "Legacy Award" for 2016-2017 . She performed a special segmant for the show in Nov of 2016 and was presented the award by President of the event Preston Taylor.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
Christina Voice Magazine
Got a email from Margie Tanner at CV Magazine yesterday, Genas single "Good God" will be at #6 on their Oct Charts. Thanks to all the DJs and Fans that play and request this great song that has been performed and featured on the last two years of the ICGMA main Awards Show. Last year Gena came home with 2016 Female Horizon Award. This Year 2017 Female Vocalist of The Year.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
Christian Servant Magazine Charting
Got a call yesterday from our friend and Comp promtoer Tommy Smith. Gena single "Good God" is charted at #9 for month of Sept. Thanks to all the DJs and Fans that request it. Great song by David Patillo.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017
Power Source Magazine
Genas single "Good God" written by her brother David patillo is topping the charts at # 14 in the Power Source Charts for this month of Sept.

 -- Gena Hamilton - Thu. Sep 7, 2017